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BreadNet.ca is our CBCL Franchisee Association Network Portal.

This is the "front door" of the internet hub for our CBCL Franchisee Association, the National Bread Network.
You can find this website any time by typing nationalbreadnetwork.ca or just use our catchy breadnet.ca.

BreadNet is not a "franchisee TV channel"! It's a simple, powerful tool designed to help 700+ CBCL Franchisees communicate with each other to share their information and ideas securely —day or night, 24/7.

The site has two main sections: a public part (everything you can access from this page) and a private part, where Registered Members can exchange ideas in our forum or access critical information and updates from our weblog.

Take a look around using the red navigation menu at the top of this page, and the handy subsection tabs directly above. We welcome any questions from you about the NBN, Registered Membership, or franchise business in general, please  

A National Network — From Coast to Coast to Coast!

The National Bread Network represents every CBCL Franchisee in Canada.
The strength of 700+ National Franchisee Members can support our common goals more efficiently. Canada is the second largest country in the world, covering 9,984,670 square kilometres, and we work in six different time zones!

The NBN relies on Canadian innovation and technology to drive a network that brings our members together by phone, fax, email and in person at local depot meetings. Our regional representatives throughout the country will ensure that every CBCL Franchisee is aware of our Network advantage and receives our full support.

Our true strength is in our number, so we need your support as well.
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A National Network - Coast to Coast!

National Bread Network / Réseau de pain national

The NBN Network Effect

This illustration demonstrates the idea of communication between network members. Two individuals can talk and share ideas, but they exchange only so much information. Communication is either on or off.

It's easy to see how, by adding more members to the group, we create a bigger network which can dramatically increase the conversations and exchange of ideas.  * Hover over the diagram to see the network effect.

The NBN is based on a simple idea: Create a sophisticated network that can capitalize on the knowledge, ideas and experience of every CBCL franchisee from coast to coast. Sharing our resources helps our businesses grow strong.

A Simple Network

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What’s Inside?

  • NBN Members weblog
  • Private discussion forum and Wiki
  • Support programs for Breadmen
  • Industry, business and franchise news
  • Upcoming events calendar ...and other useful services
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